Fish Pond Studio is a one-man game studio focused on making idle games with deep and complex simulation. Join our Discord server for upcoming games and discussion! You can also read my personal blog if you are into the behind-the-scene tech stuff.
CivIdle is an idle/incremental game that allows you to lead your own civilization through thousands of years from ancient times to modern era. Visit for more information.
Industry Idle
An idle game that combines factory building, resource management and market trading. Visit for more information.
Idle Pinball Breakout
A unique mix of idle earning + Pinball Phyiscs + Brick Breaker. Available on App Store, Google Play and CrazyGames
Idle Airline Tycoon
Manage your airline and expand your routes to all continents. Available on Crazy Games, App Store and Google Play
Word Duel: 1v1 Multiplayer
PvP word spelling competition. Available on Crazy Games and Google Play
Physics-based Swing game: can you make it to the next level? Available on Google Play and KaiOS. A new multiplayer version is now available on CrazyGames
Orbit and avoid obstacles in weekly challenges! Available on KaiOS
Dash 1v1
It's easy: tap and dash, but can you beat your friends and players all around the world? Available on KaiOS