Fish Pond Studio is a one-man game studio focused on making fun games. Join our Discord server for upcoming games and discussion! You can also read my personal blog if you are into the behind-the-scene tech stuff.
Industry Idle
An idle game that combines factory building, resource management and market trading. Visit for more information.
Idle Pinball Breakout
A unique mix of idle earning + Pinball Phyiscs + Brick Breaker. Available on App Store, Google Play and CrazyGames
Word Duel: 1v1 Multiplayer
PvP word spelling competition. Available on Crazy Games and Google Play
Idle Airline Tycoon: Simulation
Manage your airline and expand your routes to all continents. Available on Crazy Games, App Store and Google Play
Mahjong Merge: Puzzle
Classic mahjong tiles with a bit of merge puzzle. Available on Crazy Games
Merge 3: Number Brain Puzzle
Relax and stretch your mind in this number brain puzzle. Available on Google Play
Physics-based Swing game: can you make it to the next level? Available on Google Play and KaiOS. A new multiplayer version is now available on CrazyGames
Orbit and avoid obstacles in weekly challenges! Available on KaiOS
Dash 1v1
It's easy: tap and dash, but can you beat your friends and players all around the world? Available on KaiOS
Pinball Breakout
A unique mix of Pinball and Breakout. Available on Google Play.